Free salsa lessons

Free Salsa Lessons

every Thursday from 7pm

with Cuban teacher Gabi
Free Cuba salsa classes

Cuba Salsa Classes

completely free

Every Thursday from 7pm
Learn salsa free

Learn salsa

have fun

everything for free

Cuban Salsa lessons, every Tuesday from 7pm, absolutely free.

You can learn new moves, improve your fitness, meet new people, and have fun (lots of fun!). Our friendly and experienced Cuban teacher, Gabi, caters for all levels. Every Tuesday from 7-8pm.

- Miguel & Sandra Gibson, The Owners

Casa Cuba Salsa Teacher Gabriela (Gabi)Salgado in Action. Don't miss the fun every Tuesday!

Learn Cuban Salsa Free

Queen in the Casa: Cuban Salsa teacher Gabriela Salgado

Meet Gabriela, the Cuban girl with the unassuming, easy-going personality and enough charisma to keep everyone in the room charmed and listening to her passionate, fast-paced talk for hours.

Quintessentially Cuban, Gabi is friendly, easy to like, and backs her speech with a vast repertoire of gestures and facial expressions that speaks volumes about her passion for salsa, photography, music, literature, and of course Cuba.

Casa Cuba has now the pleasure of hosting her Cuban salsa lessons every Tuesday, an entirely free event that seeks to share some of the fun and happiness that comes with Cuban salsa with our friends in Crystal Palace